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In January 2004 George Popescu along with guitar player Bogdan Paunescu ,decided to put up a heavy-metal band .

First rehearsals , in which classic style covers ( JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, TWISTED SISTER, BLACK SABBATH) are studied, took place in Bogdan's apartment , pissing off the neighbours. The drummer at that moment was the computer. So, the band had to be completed. First option for vocals was a feminine voice (Corina Brujan). The attempt was not very satisfying, so, Bogdan took over the vocals also. The band was completed with Edi Nicolaescu-drums and Codrut Andrei-guitar(classmate with George and Bogdan in "Adi Manolovici - guitar class" ).

Having a completed line-up, the band started rehearsing at "Casa Studentilor"in Bucharest, where they shared the rehearsal room and also the drummer with One Night Stand ("named" later by mistake ...Midnight Stand). A few hard'n heavy covers were studied and the band was ready to face the world.


On September 19th 2004, took place the official debut of the band , which from that moment would be named R.U.S.T., at "Jukebox" Club in Bucharest. The line-up at that moment was : Bogdan Paunescu - vcls/guitar, Codrut Andrei - guitar, Edi Nicolaescu - drums, George Popescu - bass. The concert is repeated a week later, on the 26th of September. ...it was the last concert with the original line-up.


At the end of 2004, Edi Nicolaescu and Bogdan Paunescu, decided to leave the band. In February 2005, Codrut Andrei started playing with "Adi Manolovici & Syndikate" , and George Popescu started a collaboration with the band Midnight Stand. For more than six months R.U.S.T. was suspended, waiting for better times...


The better times came in August, the same year, when George Popescu , Edi Nicolaescu, Codrut Andrei and the new lead singer Andrei Baiasiu ( ex- Lucky 13) resumed rehearsals. Things were going well and in October 2005, R.U.S.T. was back on stage, this time with first two own songs ( FINALLY FREE and BLACK WOLF).

In 2006, after a peaceful start of the year, the band appeared in 2 more concerts, and in June, Codrut Andrei and Edi Nicolaescu, decided to focus exclusively on their other projects, "Adi Manolovici & Syndykate" and "Midnight Stand".

This time, the band held together and the two were replaced by Ionut Ciolan ( guitar) and Razvan Staicut ( drums). With this line-up, in August 2006, R.U.S.T. went for the first time "on the road" , playing at the "White Horse" Club in Costinesti.


On 30th November 2006, took place the first concert organized and promotted exclusively by the band, entitled "HEAVY-METAL RESURRECTION" , at "Big Mamou" Club in Bucharest.


The year 2007 found R.U.S.T. with full throttle, rehearsing and working at their own songs , at the portfolio and at the first demo.

"THE BEGINNING'' was finished in April 2007 (line-up: Andrei Baiasiu - vcls, Adrian Coman - guitar, Razvan Staicut - drums, George Popescu - bass) and contained 3 songs: FIRESTORM, BLACK WOLF and HERD OF MUSTANGS.

At the beginning of 2008 , the lead singer Andrei Baiasiu left the band and R.U.S.T. was forced to take a new break of live concerts


On September 17th, 2008 , with only two days before the 4th anniversary of the 1'st concert, R.U.S.T. was back on the stage with the current line-up.

In March 2009 , R.U.S.T. enters again the Taine-Multimedia Studio for recordings.

In November 2009 the self-produced EP "WARRIORS OF HEAVEN" is officialy released.

In 2010 R.U.S.T. signs a deal with the german label PURE UNDERGROUND RECORDS/PURESTEEL RECORDS.

On September 30th 2011, the first full-length album called "LEGENDS" is officialy released.